Freeware Used

Open  Source  Tools  I  Use:

  • R (aka GNU S): a statistical processing package
  • Outreg: Exports STATA output to LaTeX
  • Splat!: a radio signal projector
  • Lyx: a great starter LaTeX frontend useful for generating publication style documents
  • OpenBUGS:A Program Specializing Bayesian Estimation with Gibbs Sampling
  • GeoDA: An open source project developed by Luc Anselin and colleagues, good for introductory spatial models
  • spatstat: and spdep: Useful packages for constructing spatial weights and running spatial weighted regressions in R
  • Graphviz:Makes cool graphs from a CLI
  • Jabref and Kbibtex: Preferred BibTeX citation managers.
  • ggplot2: Best package for generating graphics in R (though not the most user friendly).
  • MplusAutomation: Exports mplus output to R.
  • xtable: Exports R output to LaTeX.
  • Sweave: Moves between LaTeX and R to dynamically generate reproducible results.